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We are located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Our Great Danes are part of our family.  We are not a large establishment, we focus on quality, not quantity here.  We have lots of fenced in space for our dogs to get their exercise, and our dogs come in and out of the house as they please! 

In order to continue to improve our breed, we are involved in AKC dog shows several weekends a year.  If you see us at a show, we are always glad to meet new friends and talk about our breeds!  Plus, our dogs LOVE the attention!

Our dogs are carefully selected, shown and are health tested to ensure they are great examples of the breed.  The quality of puppies we produce will be much better compared to the average breeder, because we study the health, temperament and conformation of the dogs we breed to.  With that being said, any puppies we breed will be sold on a limited registration with a mandatory spay/neuter contract, unless they go to experienced show homes.   Puppies we place in homes come with a lifetime of breeder support.  These babies are a part of our family too and we want to answer questions and see lots of pictures as they grow!