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Below are some links to certain websites we find helpful when purchasing a puppy:  

Great Article on why you should purchase from a reputable breeder :

Supplies I recommend:

Kuranda Dog Beds If you are sick of buying dog beds that your dogs break or chew, these are the answer.  I purchased my first one (of many) years ago and it is still in great shape!

Primo Pads - crate pads I have several of these that i've had for many years.  They go in the bottom of your dogs crate to provide support like a dog bed.  They can be easily wiped down or sprayed off.  Great for puppies because they can be easily cleaned and they can't chew them!

Big Dogs Apparel Really cute Saint Bernard apparel!  

Photography and Ad/Website Design: My good friend does Photography and web design.  She also is available for shoots at dog shows and does ads for various breeds.